Your Doggie's Unconditional Love and Impeccable Grooming Package's

Luxurious Bath Package: The very first thing is lots of love, petting, and a hug or two, warm soothing bath, a premium shampoo and conditioner massage, comfortable blow dry, full body brush out, ear cleaning and plucking (if needed), paw pad trim. Your choice of a bandana or bow tie for your handsome boys and/or your gorgeous girls.

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Up to 10 lbs$130$140$160
11 lbs - 25 lbs$140$150$170
26 lbs - 45 lbs$160$170$190
46 lbs - 85 lbs$185$195$215
86 lbs - 115 lbs$210$220$240
116 lbs - 130 lbs$240$250$270
131 lbs + please call to inquire

Nail Care $15 Nail trimming and a smooth file finish to prevent rough edges or sharp points.

Anxiety care $50 Up to 30 minutes and care which includes soothing and calming petting and conversation with your anxious pup. Moving at a pace your pup is comfortable with (additional time up to 30 minutes). We are trained to assist in coping with anxiety with multiple soothing techniques.

Teeth Brushing and Breath Freshening $10
Let us gently brush those pearly whites and freshen your doggie's breath. This will help prevent tarter build up, plaque, calculus, gum disease, gingivitis and gum disease. We finish off with a minty mouth cleanse.

Blueberry Facial $10 - $20
(depends on the size of your Doggie)

Whitening Shampoo $25 (Keep your fluffy white Doggie's coat crisp and bright, color enhancer, deep cleansing and make white coats sparkle. Helps remove discoloration or yellowing!)

Flea and Tick Shampoo $25

De-shedding $15 - $60 (depends on the size of your Doggie)

Nose and Paw treatment $15 (moisturize your Doggie's nose and paw pads)

De-Tangle, condition, clean and moisturize coat and skin for health and a luxurious look and feel $25 (medicated antimicrobial shampoo and conditioner that promotes healing of minor wounds, aids in relief of various types of skin irritations and other dermal inflammations)

Anal Expression $25 (external only)

Extra maintenance fees to ensure impeccable grooming :

Doodle and Poodle as well as other breeds may require extra time due to that amazing coat. Sometimes the condition of the coat may require added time to detangle and or require a dematting process. This will allow our "Certified Groomers" to complete your dog to PAW-FECTION! The cost to do so is $50 additional. Our groomer will notify you if detected as well as demonstrate to you if you would like. We believe in honesty and transparency.

Anxious or aggressive dogs may require additional care and time. We may need to use a muzzle for our protection and safety. There will be an additional care charge of $50 if necessary. We always do everything in our power to show your Doggie love and compassion to destress and calm them. Our groomers reserve the right to abort the groom if they feel the situation is too dangerous. If that happens we will waive the $50 Fee and you will be responsible for half the price for the incomplete groom.